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Karen Incera


Karen is an IP lawyer with more than 20 years of experience. During her career in specialized firms, she has had the opportunity to handle various scenarios related to IP in its different facets that have allowed her to understand the importance of proper management and protection of intangible assets of companies.  His main objective in charge of TEHAR is to bring that experience to each of our clients through an assertive, efficient, and effective legal accompaniment, understanding the specific needs of each of their IP matters for the benefit of the company and its environment. 

“Intellectual property is part of my professional and personal life, I enjoy it every day because it always has something new that challenges me, that teaches me, that excites me and that never allows me to get bored. And yes, if I am born again, I would be a specialist in Intellectual Property again.”


Estefanía is a lawyer and holds a degree in Liberal Studies from Universidad Metropolitana. At TEHAR, she has had the opportunity to manage diverse portfolios from national and international brands. Her passion for innovation and sustainability has been reflected in the representation of her country in diverse competitions hosted by transnational companies, such as: P&G CEO Challenge, KPMG Ideation Challenge, Battle of minds from British American Tobacco, and CAF Ideas for the future. After working in multidisciplinary teams with advanced technologies, Estefanía will understand the specific needs of each client in the new digital market

“Innovation is the unrelenting drive to break the status quo and develop anew where few have dared to go.“ Steven Jeff

Estefanía Bolívar

Rita Rodríguez


Rita works as a Paralegal in Intellectual Property, an area where she has more than five years of experience. At the same time, she has experience in the Trademark area, specifically related to the analysis, elaboration, and management of procedures. She is in charge of verifying trademarks follow the correct course during the registration process.


“Podría decir que la Propiedad Intelectual es como una idea, una imagen, una creación, similares pero distintos como cada pensamiento. ¡Auténtica! Al igual que nuestra mente.”


Universidad Metropeolitana. Caracas, Venezuela. Estudiante de derecho. (2018- present)

Universidad Metropolitana. Caracas, Venezuela. Estudiante de Estudios Liberales (2018- present)

“It’s not about ideas. But about making these come true” Scott Belsky, co-founder of Behance.

Abril Capra

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